Anonymous: "Do you know any really good Larry fics? Like Thewhitetoymaker writes. But not Thewhitetoymaker coz I've read those. :P <3 Thanks."

Oh I love thewhitetoymaker! But yeah of course:

"No strings attached" by brownheadedstranger, all Dani’s fics are amazing so definitely go read them. 

"Mute" by troubledpro.

"At different ends" and "Porcelain" by Raven aka postcardfromsomewhere . Her fics are on a separate blog (writingthepostcard) just message her for the password.

Room 317 by Ellen on her livejournal 

"Web of Lies" by sometimesitshardtograsp. (or any fic from her really)

Oh and read Sara’s one shot: “Those green eyes haunt me when you’re not around” on orangeatheart , Because that one is amazing too.

I have read so many fanfiction and these are some that I really love but I’m probably forgetting a lot of fics that I would recommend so sorry about that.

Enjoy reading! xx

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